Teacher Training

OLC delivers bespoke training and inset days to teachers and classroom assistants to help then uncover the possibilities in encompassing Latin America into the curriculum through exciting and innovative learning.

We look at a number of aspects that will help teachers and classroom assistants in their search for quality material and use of resources:

  • How to make language teaching fun whilst learning about¬†Latin America; its culture and its people.
  • How to teach music for teachers with little or no background in music.
  • How to use Latin America to develop a cross-curriculum approach to learning.
  • Dealing with subjects such as the environment, climate change, identity and science.
  • Using Latin American history and culture to deliver creative global education.
  • Opening the door to the cultures of the world through songs from around the world.

We have delivered these sessions to individual schools or to clusters where a number of teachers and classroom assistants from different schools come together for a bespoke session