School Projects

St Francis de Sales Latin American Day

St Francis de Sales Latin American Day

OLC delivers programmes of work where a school will bring us in to deliver a project that incorporates assemblies, workshops and a presentation, or where schools wish to deal with a particular theme, issue or subject and asks us to develop a programme based on their needs. These might be to solve a problem or to look at an aspect of the curriculum in a new and exciting way. We love to end our programmes with a big celebration.

CARNAVALITO: Using the most popular form of Carnival in latin America – COMPARSA, we present this exciting artform which includes:

  • Processional music
  • Percussion
  • Dances
  • Carnival making including bright, colourful flags; headdresses and masks

This project usually ends with a main celebration for the school, parents and guests.

LATIN AMERICAN WEEK: A week where children are given a series of experiences enhancing their knowledge of the Spanish language as well as the countries it is spoken in. OLC delivers sessions simultaneously to the children on a journey through the Latin American continent. The sessions include dance, drumming, songs, rainforest orchestra, story telling, arts & crafts. The week begins with an assembly with an introduction to Latin America and we aim for it to end with a full presentation of the work done by the children, as performances and/or exhibitions.

EL PAJARO CANTOR (The bird who lost its voice): An exciting day which begins with OLC telling the story of the bird who lost its voice, a story set in a magical rain forest in the middle of Latin America. The children are protagonists and take part in the journey of the story. The children learn the little bird’s song “Chio Chio” (in Spanish) and create a picture that represents a different moment from the story. When they are put together they become a book that tells the story through the children’s pictures. The group is then brought together to create a soundscape (with traditional percussion instruments) of the magical rainforest that is the home of El Pajaro Cantor. This is a three part workshop and it is best delivered as a full day per class.