OLC’s recycling workshops for schools are unique and inventive and ensure that participants learn about the environment, and experience creative ways to recycle. the workshops work in a cross-curricular format and enhance the learning experience of the student.

Throughout the world, people are inventive, creative and artistic with whatever material they have at hand. In Latin America, we create many pieces of art, whether they be sculptures, masks, carnival pieces or theatre sets.

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OLC is working in partnership with WARP on a close collaboration between OLC’s Creative Director and Artist (and WARP Director) Tristan Brady-Jacobs to develop installations, workshops and concepts that bring together Arts and Creativity with Science and Engineering using recycled, found and discarded objects and materials.

OLC is keen to develop an ethos of recycling and has delivered a number of projects around the aims of recycling. Using its extensive knowledge and experience of working in schools and communities as well as its connections to people and groups working in environmental and recycling initiatives