Aiming to inspire and support.

To create and develop.

To showcase and collaborate.

To engage and consult.

Celebrating, promoting, producing

Latin American and Diversity Arts and Artists


“There are a lot of groups who claim to be in touch with their roots and communities but don’t practise what they preach. OLC is one organisation that is highly linked and deliver well organised and quality projects working with the communities they represent locally and nationally. I have trust in the organisation and their team whom I have worked with for over ten years”, Pax Nindi FRSA, CEO Global Carnival Centre & Vice President of the World Carnival Commission 

OLC Productions believes fervently in collaborations and partnerships and welcomes the chance to work with artists, companies, organisations, communities, localities and local government in a variety of settings. Anything is possible and everyone has potential.

We deliver a range of events, performances, projects, weekly workshops, training and consultancies.