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Footprints is a project funded by Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group where OLC works with older people in assisted housing and refugees through a range of partnerships; bringing communities together to participate in a preventative and creative programme of workshops, presentations, social events and discussions that tackle loneliness, isolation and inactivity; raising self-esteem and social interaction.

Footprints Central Library 01OLC is delivering a series of positive and creative activities that focus on a people centred approach.

OLC is delivering weekly workshops, a number of open days and public events.


IMG_4544Since the beginning of this project, we have delivered workshops and sessions in more than ten assisted housing complexes across Liverpool and produced a number of events and an exhibition that ran for a month in Liverpool Central Library, culminating in a public event in the library with presentations from artists and project participants.

Footprints Cetral Library 02If you would like to get involved, please send us your information through the contact page.