CANTO Series

Our next EVENT for the CANTO SERIES is DRUM CLASH, an exciting drum performance 7.30pm on Friday 20th October at The CAPSTONE Theatre, Liverpool

DRUM CLASH Crew performing as part of Threshold 2017 at District

Drum Clash is an original composition by Francisco & Oscar Carrasco for Candombe drums, Djembes, Samba Drums and Congas with visuals by Tristan Brady-Jacobs & Francisco Carrasco. An exciting new show featuring powerful drum beats from across Latin America, Africa and Europe, Drum Clash leaps between the traditional and the contemporary, taking a dynamic journey of rhythm and light with an emotive visuals narrative that presents the explosion of life and death.

Featuring: Curtis Watt, Oscar Carrasco, Allyson Byrne, Alina Carrasco Toft, Aiden Peel, Tito Carrasco-Brennan, Tristan Brady Jacobs, Max Alder & Francisco Carrasco


OLC has produced two CANTO events. The aim of the CANTO series is to present a celebration of Latin American arts and culture and profile artists from the Americas as well as those who are involved in promoting Latin American arts & culture. The CANTO Series involves collaborations with festivals and carnivals endeavouring to bring OLC Productions to new audiences across the region, always producing high quality arts performances and events. 


Bernardo Velasco (Colombia) from Matria Motherland at Threshold Festival

Bernardo Velasco (Colombia) from Matria 

In association with Threshold Festival 2016, On Sat 2nd April, OLC produced a full performance looking at the way Gold was seen by the Conquistadores and the extent they went to get it from the indigenous communities of the Americas. The performance was directed by Francisco Carrasco (Chile) and features Matria

Chester University Year 3 dancers performing Spirits of the Andes

Chester University Year 3 dancers performing Spirits of the Andes

Motherland (Latin fusion band), La Bomba drummers,
TV Lux, the Carrasco brothers and third year dancers from Chester University. The show profiled rhythms and melodies from Latin America as well s traditional instruments and included dance, music, audio visual, poetry and song.



Diablo Boots 2

Juliana Landim, Brazilian Singer song writer

Juliana Landim, Brazilian Singer song writer

The first CANTO was produced in collaboration with Liverpool International Music Festival and Culture Liverpool in 2014.  It featured performances by artists from Brasil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia and Liverpool. The event took place on the Sefton Park bandstand and was attended by over a thousand people. The event included traditional dance from Colombia, A Liverpool choir 

Elkin Rodriguez fro Colombia, leads salsa session

Elkin Rodriguez fro Colombia, leads salsa session

singing Latin American songs, Singers, drum group la Bomba, the great Peruvian Diablo and lots if involvement from the wonderfully supportive audience – at one point Colombian dancer, Elkin Rodriguez had many members of the audience doing an impromptu dance flashmob.